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3 Vaping Facts You Need to Know


If you love vaping or are considering trying vaping for the first time, then it is important that you learn as much about the subject as possible.
To help, we have shared three facts that will not only help you but may also surprise you.
Take a look below.
1.      You Can Vape With or Without Nicotine.
Vaping is a flexible activity that is individual to each user. With a huge variety of vaping options on the market and new flavours being created all the time, it is possible to tailor your vaping experience to your own personal taste. This also covers whether you want to add nicotine to your vape or not.
Many people swap from smoking to vaping for reasons such as saving money or reducing the number of harmful toxins being inhaled. That doesn’t mean that they want to give up nicotine. If you want to switch to vaping but still have that nicotine feeling, then there are many nicotine vaping liquids available.
However, for people who take up vaping and have never smoked, or those trying to kick the nicotine habit, it is also possible to find a wide variety of nicotine-free vaping liquids. This way of vaping
doesn’t cause addiction as there is nothing in the vaping liquid to become physically dependent on, and so it is a great alternative to smoking for people who no longer want nicotine in their lives.
2.      Vaping Competitions are a Thing.
We’ve all got a friend that can perform amazing tricks with their vape, but did you know that vaping competitions are actually becoming more popular? So many vapers are not aware of these phenomena’s, but it’s true, vaping competitions are a reality and are growing in popularity every day!
Many vaping competitions focus on the competitors' ability to create the biggest vapor clouds compared to other competitors in a series of rounds. These competitions are growing in popularity as more people try to find the best cloud producing ingredients and then share their findings with others.
The great thing is that each competitor can choose the vape and vaping liquid of their choice, meaning that you can take part without damaging your health and enjoy the fun of watching others trying to beat your efforts.
3.      Vaping is Not a Modern Invention.
So many of us believe that vaping was introduced to combat the number of people that smoke cigarettes, but did you know that it has been around since the time of the Egyptians? It is    true, the ancient Egyptians came up with the notion of vaping, and it has been a part of modern society ever since, seeing a resurgence in the mid-2000s.
The Egyptians believed that vaping helped to reduce their stress levels, cured specific illnesses, and helped to banish negative thoughts. Vaping as it was back then, was a religious process that was only   done with religious leaders.
Of course, Egyptians did not have access to the wide variety of flavours that we enjoy today and instead used different herb mixtures to vape depending on their specific requirements.


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