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How Much You Can Save by Switching to Vaping

People choose to vape for a variety of reasons. Some people have never smoked but take up vaping; others have smoked and are using vaping as a substitute for smoking cigarettes or up rolling up tobacco. Then there are people who still enjoy smoking and would like to continue but find that the costs are too much, and there are those that can afford it but begrudgingly pay for cigarettes. If you are one of these people, then switching to vaping could be for you! Read on to find out more about saving money by switching to vaping. 

Increased Cost of Smoking

The cost of smoking has increased dramatically over the past decade, with higher levels of tax being added to tobacco products, which are often increased incrementally. This had made smoking a very expensive habit to have. Even the lowest-priced cigarettes and rolling tobacco are now very expensive, and smokers pay high prices for lower quality products.

Switch to Vaping to Save Money

There are many benefits of vaping, and saving money is one of the biggest! Everyone wants to save money where they can, and switching to vaping means you don’t have to give up on the smoking experience that you enjoy.

Vaping might not seem like a money-saving idea when you first consider it because the initial costs are usually much higher than for smoking. Rather than simply buying cigarettes and a lighter or matches, you will need to invest in a vape kit. These can seem quite pricey and can put people off making the switch to vaping. However, the costs of these kits range from below £20 to hundreds of pounds, and so it is possible to find one within your range of budget. Many kits also come with vaping liquid to get you started.

Once you have paid for your device, your ongoing costs will be much less than buying cigarettes or rolling tobacco, papers, filters etc. Obviously, if you want to try lots of different flavours, or you start vaping more regularly than you used to smoke, you won’t notice that you are saving much. But research has shown that, on average, smokers who switch to vaping save around £350 per year.

When asked, many of the people who saved money stated that they put those savings towards a well deserved holiday.

Nicotine-Free for Maximum Savings

If you want to save even more money, then nicotine-free vaping is certainly the way forward. Vaping gives people the option of using nicotine or not, with a huge variety of vaping liquids available to suit individual taste buds.

When it comes to nicotine-free vaping liquids, you will often find that they are sold at a slightly lower price and that many of the flavours enter clearance sales. This is because the nicotine packed flavours are usually more popular as most people opt for a nicotine hit with their vaping. For people who aren’t dead set on having nicotine in their vape, this gives them the opportunity to make even bigger savings!


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