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Feel the rush of premium grade CBD with all the flavour of your favourite cannabis strains. Our non-GMO hemp-based CBD formula has added terpenes (the compounds naturally found in cannabis that give it flavour, scent and feel) and other cannabinoids so you get a more natural-tasting, flavourful effect. Kush CBD Vape is made from trusted CBD-rich American-grown hemp plants for a delicious and reliable experience every time.

Our premium disposable vape pens are sleek, stylish, discrete, efficient and come ready to use, so you can focus on living your life and trust that you’re getting your CBD exactly like you want it. Using the most reliable and cutting-edge airflow technology in our pens, Kush Vape CBD Pens are crafted to be leak and clog-resistant, with all the flavour of your favourite strains and all the amazing relief of top shelf CBD, Kush CBD Vape has All the Feel – Keep it Real!


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