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CBD Explained

CBD is one of the hottest products on both the vape and wellness markets, packed full of powerhouse cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects of THC. Oils, body creams, edibles, gummies, E-liquids, teas, fizzy drinks – the list of CBD products hitting the market is endless.

Sure, you can get your fix with a hoppy CBD IPA or a luxurious CBD spa facial, but what about your daily CBD? Our favourite way to consume this wonder ingredient is vaping one of the potent and effective CBD E-liquids we stock at Exclusive Vapes.

Do you want to try CBD, but you’re unsure where to start? Are you confused by all of the different products on the market? No worries – we’ve got you covered. Exclusive Vapes has a wide array of CBD E-liquids, additives, and tinctures, so you can try different products, strengths and brands.

What is CBD? 


But wait – what is CBD? The acronym stands for cannabidiol, which is a natural chemical compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, also known as pot or marijuana. Unlike its psychoactive cousin delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (you can just say THC), CBD does not cause intoxication or ‘get you high.’ Instead, it induces feelings of calm and relaxation, with no side effects.

CBD is considered a phytonutrient, a plant compound that is beneficial to your health. Each time you vape CBD, it travels through your endocannabinoid system, introducing its benefits to every aspect of your body.

The Benefits of CBD


CBD has an impressive pedigree, all backed by scientific studies. 

  • It helps with anxiety and depression – Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? You’re not alone. These are global problems, affecting people all over the world. Many of the medications used to treat these conditions have nasty side effects, but CBD assists the brain’s serotonin receptors, helping to regulate your mood without the negatives.

  • It relieves pain - Do you have aches and pains from chronic conditions, or pulled muscles after exercise? CBD, along with its more famous cousin THC, has long been used to treat all kinds of pain. Studies show that using CBD both topically and orally can help relax muscles and reduce inflammation. This is especially promising for chronic illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, or to relieve a pounding headache. 
  • It helps you chill out without any side effects - Imagine a simple and relaxing way to wind down, without any negative health effects, nasty hangover, and no intoxication. Well, you don’t have to imagine it - CBD lets your mind unwind and your body melt, all without the use of harmful or addictive substances. 

How to use CBD


How to use CBD

CBD Additives

What are additives, and how do you use them?
Let’s say you love your favourite vape juice brand and flavour, and you don’t want to change it up in favour of a new CBD E-liquid. Additives have you covered! You simply add the CBD Additive to your vape juice bottle, shake it up, and boom: you’ve got CBD-infused vape juice.
There are three main types of CBD Additives: 
Isolates - Isolates are made from pure CBD molecules with the terpenes and other compounds in the hemp plant stripped away. This gives you the highest possible concentration of CBD, but does not produce the entourage effect (see below for more information). 
Full-spectrum Additives - These additives include CBD, along with the other non-intoxicating hemp oil compounds (phytochemicals), and trace amounts of THC (less than .2% in the UK). 

Phytochemicals are the compounds found in all plants that give them their scent, taste, and colour. While you can extract just one phytochemical, they work much better when you consume them all together. Phytochemicals intensify each other’s health benefits - this is called the ‘entourage effect.’ While full-spectrum CBD has amazing effects, do note that it can produce a positive result on a drug test.

Broad-spectrum Vape Additives - If you don’t want even a trace amount of THC in your Additives, go for a broad-spectrum vape additive. They’ve had every trace of THC removed, but they retain the remaining phytochemicals and still trigger the entourage effect. Think of broad-spectrum additives as the happy medium between isolates and full-spectrum additives. Another big benefit? Broad-spectrum CBD won’t show up on any drug tests. 

At first glance, these three CBD Additives seem very similar, but they are actually really different. The biggest difference is how they activate the entourage effect that we mentioned above. Simply put, the entourage effect occurs when the different phytochemicals in CBD work together in synergy, boosting and enhancing each of the benefits. 


CBD E-liquids

  • What is the difference between normal E-liquids and CBD E-liquids? 

CBD E-liquids, sometimes called CBD vape juice, come in bottles just like regular E-liquids. Instead of nicotine, they include CBD compounds, but come in the same great array of flavours.

Your vape rig converts the E-liquid into vapour that you can inhale in exactly the same way as regular E-liquids. While you might have tried CBD oils, vaping CBD is even more effective. That’s because it absorbs quickly into your lungs and makes its way through your bloodstream faster. 

CBD Tinctures

What are tinctures, and how do you use them?
Tinctures are extracts of hemp, containing CBD, that are suspended in a solution of 60-70% distilled alcohol. Unlike CBD oils, they tend to have a pretty low potency, but they absorb into your bloodstream quicker (although not as fast as by vaping a CBD E-liquid), and their shelf life is much longer. You take CBD tinctures sublingually, which means  ‘under the tongue.’  


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