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E-liquids Explained
Whether you’re just starting out in the world of vapes or you’re a long-time vaper with a passion for the juice, it’s always a good idea to learn more about E-liquids. After all, E-liquids are the power behind our vapes, the juice with the formulas that make us exhale big fat clouds and flavours that make us salivate for more. 
What are E-liquids?
E-liquids are the ‘juice’ that you add to your vape rig, containing flavour and nicotine and producing vapour clouds. Back in the day, the term E-liquid only rereferred to the juice for e-cigarettes, but in the past few years it pretty much only refers to vape juice.
Whats in an e-liquid
What’s in E-liquids?
E-liquids are made from just a few select ingredients - vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavouring, and sometimes nicotine.
Propylene glycol (PG) is the thin carrier liquid that delivers flavouring really well and gives you the ‘throat hit’ of an analogue cig. Vegetable glycerine (VG) is a much thicker liquid that gives you a smooth inhale and loads of vapour. VG and PG are in a huge variety of sweets and cosmetics, and they’re both completely safe to consume in the amounts found in vape juice.
The flavouring is where things start to get really creative and exciting. Every different vape company offers a range of unique flavour combinations that make the vaping experience so satisfying and delicious.
In some (but not all) vape juices, you’ll also find nicotine. This is the addictive compound in cigarettes, and it’s what makes vaping such an excellent way to quit. Vaping is a fun and tasty way to get your nicotine hit without all of the nasty chemicals found in a traditional cigarette.
That said, vaping is far more than just a ‘smoking cessation’ aid. Tons of people vape purely for the joy of vaping, and that’s why you can get almost every flavour without added nicotine.
Are E-liquids Safe?
 Are E-liquids safe?
Vaping undergoes extensive testing in the UK and Europe, and is a safe and effective way to quit smoking. While the US has had some heavily publicised concern about the safety of vaping, here in the UK, our products are subject to much tighter regulation.

According to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), every nicotine product in the UK must undergo emissions testing, and that includes E-liquids of all types. TPD tests analyse the emissions from E-liquids, screening for harmful metals and chemicals in a highly-controlled environment. All brands and flavours must pass this stringent testing in order to make it to the market. As a result, UK health officials give vaping their seal of approval. According to John Newton, Public Health England’s director of health improvement, "PHE's advice remains that e-cigarettes are a fraction of the risk of smoking, and using one makes it much more likely you'll quit successfully than relying on willpower alone."
 The different types of E-liquids
If you’re a vaping newbie, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. How do you know if a 50:50 or a shortfill is better? What about Nic Salts and concentrates? You can take a sigh of relief – we explain it all below.
Freebase or Nic Salts? What kind of Nicotine are you after?
E-liquids contain two main types of nicotine (although some are entirely nicotine free). Freebase nicotine and nicotine salts (Nic Salts) both have their own benefits and fans. Freebase was the first method of producing nicotine, and it has its tried and true champions who like the slower release. Nic Salts are a more recent innovation. They come in higher strengths, and enter the bloodstream even quicker based on their chemical composition. As a result, they ease cravings much faster.
High VG 30:70
High VG 30:70 E-liquids include a lot of VG, which results in fat clouds and a huge amount of vapour. High VG 30:70 are free from nicotine, but you can add nicotine shots to bring them up to the level you prefer. However, if you love to vape just for the taste, you’ll love these E-liquids. With no nicotine added, the flavours really pop, dancing across your palette and delighting your tastebuds.
Shortfills are made from 70% VG and 30% PG, and they’re all about the massive clouds and delicious flavours! They’re nicotine free, just like High VG 30:70 E-liquids, but each bottle leaves extra space at the top for you to add a nicotine shot.
50:50 E-liquids
50:50 blends give you a ‘just right’ blend of PG and VG. As a result, you get a nice even mix of flavour and vapour. You can find 50:50 E-liquids in a wide variety of strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg. However, when you get up into the higher nicotine strengths, freebase nicotine can irritate your throat. For anything above 10mg, we recommend making the switch to Nic Salts.
Nicotine salts are also usually 50% VG and 50% PG, but they contain a newer 
technology that enables the nicotine to evaporate at a lower temperature, mimicking the experience of smoking analogue cigarettes. Nic salts have a more neutral pH balance than 50:50 E-liquids, and they absorb quicker into your bloodstream.
As a result, you get a quick nicotine boost and intense flavour, perfect for helping someone with a heavy smoking habit quit for good. 
At high strengths, freebase nicotine (which you’ll find in 50:50 E-liquids)
can be uncomfortably harsh on your throat. Nic salts are much smoother, making them popular at higher nicotine levels. In the past, you could only get nic salts at 18mg and 20mg strengths, but we’re starting to see more brands offering 10mg, 12mg, and 15mg options.
Nicotine Shots
Nicotine shots are additives that allow you to boost the nicotine content of your favourite E-liquids. Whether you’re adding a shot to a shortfill or you want to add even more nicotine to a 50:50, you can customise your vape to your ideal specifications.
Do you want to experiment with your own flavour combinations and customise your vape even more? Concentrates are made from 100% PG, which means you can use them for creating the most delicious tastes and aromas for your tastebuds.

Think of concentrates as a supercharged, extra-strength blast of flavour. Normally, you’ll add approximately 15-20% concentrate to your mix, but this can depend on your brand, your rig, or your preference - check with your cartridge and brand instructions for specifics. It can be a lot of fun to play around and experiment with different ratios and combinations, creating your own flavours and strengths.
More and more people are getting excited (and very chill) over CBD, a cannabinoid derived from cannabis that gives you a relaxing effect with no psychoactive properties. It’s not addictive, and it doesn’t get you high. You can vape CBD on its own, or add CBD boosters to your existing E-liquids.
 How do I choose the right nicotine strength?
Are you looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping? Here are some of the strengths you have to choose from.
3mg E-liquids – 3mg is commonly the lowest strength of nicotine available on the market, ideal for light smokers or as the final vape strength for someone who wants to quit nicotine completely.
6mg E-liquids – This is a good strength for people who smoked around half a pack a day. smokers who are used to smoking around 10 cigarettes a day.
10mg E-liquid – At this strength, you start to get into the nicotine salts, which can safely deliver higher nicotine strengths than freebase. 10 mg and above is suited to heavier smokers.
12mg E-liquids – Do you smoke a pack a day? 12mg is perfect for people who smoke around a pack a day, as it will help you deal with cravings.
18mg to 20mg E-liquids (Nic Salts) – If you’re an extremely heavy smoker and are looking to make the switch, 18mg to 20mg should hit the spot and help you get used to vaping.
How long do E-liquid bottles last?
Of course, everyone’s bottle of E-liquid will last a different length of time! It all depends on how often you vape, how long you inhale for, and the type of rig you use. Some people only puff a few times a day or when they’re out with friends, while other people vape on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is that 10ml of E-liquid is roughly equivalent to 100 analogue cigarettes. The average vaper uses between 8 – 10 bottles of E-liquid each month.
Which E-liquid do you want to try next?
Now that you know the basics about E-liquids, it’s time to get out there and find your favourite nicotine level, PG vs VG blend, and flavours.

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