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Billiards Baristas Shortfills (100ml)

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Size: 100ml

Nicotine strength: 0mg 

VG/PG Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Blended & bottled: UK

Compatible hardware: Sub-ohm

Flavour Profile

Hot chocolate- This warm creamy hot chocolate will make you want more during the cold evenings.

Chai Latte- Naturally sweet Chai Latte will make you ask for more!

Café Latte- Nice and distinctive coffee flavour, with a rich and creamy exhale.

Expresso- Full-flavoured and concentrated espresso, it will definitely wake you up in the morning!

Caramel Hazlenut- A nutty, creamy flavour with a dash of caramel, leaving you with a sweet aftertaste.

Pink Tea- A unique taste of Pink Tea will make your taste buds tingle.


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