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Double Drip Shortfills (0mg|50ml)

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Size: 50ml

Nicotine strength: 0mg 

VG/PG Ratio: 80VG/20PG

Blended & bottled: UK

Compatible hardware: Sub-ohm

Flavour Profiles

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles:  Bursting with face-twisting fizz! Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles is a tangy tincture with notes of juicy cherries and slightly-spicy cola, with a generous sprinkling of sherbet crystals for a pleasantly-sour sensation on the exhale

Super Berry Sherbet: A mix of seven perfectly-ripe berries and dusts them in a glistening layer of sweet, sugary sherbet for clouds bursting with zest and zing.

Sherbet Rainbow: Scrumptiously fizzy rainbow sherbet encased in a fruity hard candy shell.

Strawberry Laces & Sherbet: Tangy strawberry laces lavishly dusted with fizzy rainbow sherbet for a truly tongue-tingling taste sensation.

Crystal Mist: An icy blend of blue raspberry and decadent black cherries with a hint of cool, refreshing menthol.

Lemon Sherbet: Sweet, sharp lemon meets sparkling rainbow sherbet in this tingling citrus experience.

Mango Raspberry Ice Cream: Fresh, ripe mango and tangy raspberries smothered in an indulgent vanilla ice cream

Orange Mango Chill: Freshly squeezed juicy orange accents the sweet mango in this smooth fruity blend. With hint of menthol to complete this vaping experience.

Raspberry Sherbet: Perfectly-ripe raspberries meets fizzy rainbow sherbet.

Strawberry Banana Waffle: Oven-baked waffles generously topped with slices of sweet banana, succulent strawberries and a hint of warming vanilla.

Twisted Ice Cream: An opulent twist of juicy strawberries, tangy limes and indulgent vanilla ice cream with delicate notes of sweet citrus.

Cherry Cream Soda: This blend of sweet, sharp cherries swirled into rich, silky cream is given a little soda fizz and a cool, refreshing lift on the exhale.

Mango Tropic: Mango Tropic smoothie is bursting with juicy pineapple, mango and papaya and balanced with rich, creamy banana and coconut 


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