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Juice N' Power Fruit Range Shortfills (50ml)

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Size: 50ml

Nicotine strength: 0mg 

VG/PG Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Blended & bottled: UK

Compatible hardware: Sub-ohm

Flavour Profiles

Cola Passion Fruit: Refreshing Yourself with Cola passion fruit E-Juice The Thirst Quenching Wonderfully Fruity Flavour

Honeydew & Berries Kiwi Mint: Take a Ride to Remember & Experience True Flavour Sensation with Honeydew & Berry Partnership topped Off With a refreshing Kiwi mint

Watermelon Candy: This flawlessly blended watermelon candy gummy dances gently into your very soul and creates a subtle explosion of flavour.

Middle East Sour Cherry: Taste of Middle East Sour Cherry E-Juice Refreshing Thirst Quenching & Exotic 

Orange Candy Cream: Swim in a Sea of Pure Indulgence with a fresh burst of tangy orange candy flawlessly blended with a creamy undertones to transport you into a world of pure bliss

Red Apple: Grab a Treat & take a Journey into a rich tapestry of flavour that will envelop your taste buds in heavenly simplicity

Spark Watermelon Mojito: A Perfect Concoction of Sweets Watermelon Fresh Zesty Lime & a Light touch of mint to electrify your tongue

Strawberry Lemonade Berry:
Strawberry Lemonade Berry E-Juice This Perfect Pairing Will Quench your Thirst & Tantalise your taste buds Leaving you with the uplifting Sense of Summer

Vimtonic: Enjoy the Complex Blended of Flavours all Mixed together to create this fab favourite

Tropical Fruit: This Packed with fruity flavour there's no better way to satisfy your sweet tooth & quench your thirst than with this delicious Caribbean Flavours

Melon Berries: A Flawless Combination of powerful, Ripe Melons & Eruptive Lashing of Freshly Juiced Wild Berries Generating a Flavour Some Vortex on your Palate.

Mango Medley: An explosive eruption of delicious sweet mangoes combined with luscious peaches sending powerful waves through your mouth.


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