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N One Disposable Pen (20mg)

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The N One Disposable Nic Salt Pod was created to take the complexity out of vaping, and make it as simple as using a cigarette. Simply take off the hygiene cap and your ready to go.

Battery Type: Built-in battery

E-liquid Flavours: Tobacco, Black Ice, Menthol, Ice Mint, Ice Blue, Blue Raspberry, Creamy Tobacco

Made: UK

Nicotine strength: 20mg

Number of puffs: 300 per pod 


Tobacco - Classic tobacco a with sweet undertone, a warm and mature flavour.

Black Ice - Licorice and menthol vape flavor which delivers a chilly hit. It’s refreshing, savory, and unique.

Berry Blast - A thrilling assortment of exotic, ripe and juicy berry flavours.

Menthol - Timeless combination of tobacco and menthol flavour, Just like the real thing.

Ice Mint - The perfect flavour for anyone who likes to keep things fresh and minty.

Hizen Blue Hizen blue, built with an intense flavour profile, with hints of mixed fruits, providing you with that lightly sweetened hit.

Blue Raspberry - Experience the tang of blue raspberry, refreshingly sweet and sour. Explore your tastebuds with our unique take on Blue raspberry.

Creamy Tobacco - Smooth and Classic blended Tobacco with a fantastically creamy finish.


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